Tax Credit

We have until April 15, 2017, to take advantage of the Arizona School and Tuition Tax Credits.

Instead of letting the state decide where to use your taxes, you can allocate your tax dollars directly to the school (up to 400)!

Every family should try to do the tax credit and/or find a friend or relative to contribute. Any amount helps.

As you know, Arizona has one of the best education choice laws in the country, the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit. This tax credit gives every Arizona taxpayer a choice: you can pay your state income tax as usual and have the State of Arizona decide where to spend your money, or you can instead re-direct up to $400 of your taxes to enhance education and Highland.

  •  A contribution of up to $200 ($400 per couple) can be given directly to Highland Free Charter School. public school tax credit for a print-ready copy of the form.