Our curriculum is aligned with the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and includes individualized, skill-based assignments for the introduction and practice of basic skills. However, our emphasis is on integrated, thematic units that often use hands-on, innovative activities and projects designed to give students practice in applying the educational standards while strengthening their twentieth-century skills of creativity, collaboration, and communication.


CURRICULUM Maps  Highland’s Math and ELA Curriculum Maps   (Note: These curriculum maps are subject to change.)

K-1 Class: Math   ELA   Unit Topics

2-3 Class: Math   ELA   Unit Topics

4-6 Class: Math   ELA   Unit Topics


2017-18 Units of Study    (Link to Topic Calendar– Since dates are subject to change- please consult current postings to find the most accurate information)

August 21-September 1:  Body Systems & Geography

September 5-15:  Archaeology / Ancient Mesopotamia

September 18-29: Ecosystems & Grasslands

October 2-9:  Economics

October 9-20:  Arizona Native Peoples

October 23-27: Geology & Earth Science

October 30- November 3: U.S. Government & Symbols

November 6-17:  Westward Expansion

November 27- December 1:  Celebrations / Eastern Religions

December 4-21: Theater & Winter Performance

January 8-12: School Olympics & Health

January 16-26: Biographies

January 29 – February 2: Careers and Workplace Skills

February 5-21: Scientific Method and Energy & Magnets

February 26 – March 2: Ecology

March 5-16: Celebrating Diversity / Civil War & Reconstruction

March 19-23: Ocean & School Dance

April 3-20:  Movies, Media, and Technology

April 23- May 4: Asian Culture / Ancient India

May 7-11: Creepty Crawlies

May 14-25: Ancient Egypt


AZCCRS (Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards) Support